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Published on: Airbnb Clone Solution

Top Most Important Facts and Features of Our Airbnb Clone Solution

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Our Airbnb Clone Solution will support you in creating and growing your Space Rental Business. Most individuals nowadays prefer to use our Airbnb Rental Script to rent out their own space for a short amount of time. So, let’s design and develop your own Airbnb clone website. It’s also one of the most popular and best vacation rental scripts available.

Also, you can earn an admin commission payment for every booking so it helps to promote your business profit simultaneously.

Some Interesting Facts and Features of Our Airbnb Clone Solution

Airbnb Clone Script - Airbnb Clone Solution

Here I have listed some interesting facts and features of our Airbnb Clone script. They are,

Listing your property information

You can begin by simply listing all of your property specifics, such as a list of amenities available while using the website to establish a Vacation Rental Business. One of the Host Required functions is to list your property information.

Manage your reservations effortlessly

Migrateshop’s  Airbnb clone software helps you to track your travel bookings to ensure your reservations and even allows you to receive all inquiries in a centralized inbox seamlessly.  So let’s manage your reservation by using Airbnb clone script.

Booking on Airbnb clone solution

Here the host can set the custom price for selective days like holiday-based pricing, or weekend-based price. Also, our Rental Clone Script supports two types of booking options Instant Booking & Request Booking.

Admin Commission & Refund Policy

If suppose guest likes to cancel their booking before the check-in date, by using our cancellation policy host can refund the amount to the guest. While all the booking process was completed the admin starts to detect the commission and the rest of the amount transferred to the Host account.

List of Airbnb Clone Solution at Migrateshop

Airbnb Clone Script - Airbnb Clone Solution

Let’s discuss the list of Airbnb Clone Soluctions which is provided by Migrateshop.

Parking Space

Parking-space - Airbnb Clone Solution

Our Airbnb Clone Script supports online parking space for rental. From this script, you can rent out extra space with secure and affordable monthly parking near you.

Car Rent

Nowadays most of them like to enjoy their vacation and they can’t take a heavy load vehicle as long as. In that situation, if you start a car rental business from our Airbnb Clone Script then you will get a huge profit from it.

Car-rental - Airbnb Clone Solution

Bike Rental

Bike-rental - Airbnb Clone Solution

Some of them like to move around the towns by bike compares to other vehicles. Then use our Buy2rental Script and develop your Bike Rental Business and gain with us.

Yacht Rental

Most of them planned to spend some time from the boat and enjoy their vacation, at the time you can use Boat Rental like Airbnb Clone and being yacht rental business.

Yacht-rental - Airbnb Clone Solution

Working Space Rental

working space rental solution

Some company owners are like to rent out commercial space for their business. Migrateshop offers a comprehensive range of office space rental scripts to help you get your working space rental business.

Equipment Rental

Few People like to rent out their Equipment tools for their construction or some other works. Our Equipment Tool Rental Software has been helping to get their needed tools within the time as well as low cost.

Equipment rental solution

Ad Bill Board Space Rental


Nowadays, more people choose to market their businesses digitally. So, using our rental clone script, you may drive your ad Ad Bill Board Space Rental business.

Hotel Booking

Our Airbnb clone solution helps the hotel rental business. It may be utilized for vacations or business meetings, but both need lodging, therefore Our Airbnb Clone offers hotel rental for meetings or other purposes.


Warehouse Rental

warehouse-rental -Airbnb Clone Solution

Renting your property for the purpose of a warehouse is the biggest investment option for commercial property owners in real estate. Also, there are more companies that are always in search of property to a warehouse all across India.

These are the major things on our Airbnb Clone Script for design and develop your online rental business.