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Airbnb Clone New Features Updated Version 4.0

Migrateshop released an outstanding Airbnb Clone New Features Updated Ver 4.0. The New Airbnb Clone Ver. 4.0 software has been updated with all new and improved features. With this latest update, you can rapidly implement and upgrade your online Vacation Rental Business. Also, it came up with the latest UI/UX Bootstrap 4 to make the website look and feel like the current Airbnb site. We added some new features and enhanced the existing features, which let our users build with the latest version of the Property booking website like Airbnb.

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Airbnb Clone New Features Ver 4.0

Airbnb Clone Script

List Of Newly Added Features

iCal Added

The hosts can use the iCal feature to import, export, and sync your calendar across multiple platforms. This feature eliminates the need for a manual process of block calendars and prevents double bookings.

ical added

Minimum Stay

Now, the hosts can fix the minimum number of nights to make sure the guests not letting to book for less than the fixed days.

minimum stays host

Guest fix the minimum stay

Guest should select the dates with a minimum number of days asking for the property.

minimum stays guest

Added Wishlist

Wishlist Feature allows the guests to create customized collections of rental properties or places they would like to visit, which they can save in their user account for future use. By clicking the save button the property will be saved on your wishlist.

added wishlist property page
my whislist

Document Verification

This feature is used to verify the authenticity of a user’s social media profiles, email addresses, and documents. The user can verify their email, Facebook, Google, and other authenticated document by submitting them on the website. If the provided details are genuine the admin will approve it otherwise it will be disapproved with the reason. Once all the documents and accounts are verified and approved by the admin the user will get a verified badge on their provide.

Document verification

Tax Fee Added

The host can set up the additional Guest service charge, IVA Tax, and Accommodation Tax for the property bookings. This tax amount will be added to the guest booking.

admin panel tax fee added
tax fee added guest

Listes Of Newly Added Admin Panel Features

SEO Settings

These new SEO Setting features are put on to the admin panel to make each page SEO friendly and get a better search ranking with the meta title, description, and keywords.

admin panel seo settings
admin panel seo setting single page

SEO Friendly URL

Every booking listing on the website will have a Unique SEO-friendly URL, this brings your property visible on the search engine easily.

seo friendly url

Reports and Summary Analysis

In the Reports and Stats, you can generate a variety of reports about how the platform is being used overview, booking report, and data analysis. The booking report will have the entire data about the booking on the website. The Data analysis shows the website growth on monthly basis.

report and stats booking report
report and stats booking report data analysis

Email Templates

In our Airbnb Clone Script supports email templates with multiple languages. you can select the most suitable for your rental business. A wide range of templates is available for various functions and usage.

admin panel email template

SMS Settings

SMS settings feature enables the Twilio API integration system. This API allows you to send and receive SMS messages globally.

admin panel sms settings

Listes Of Improved Features

Major UI/UX update

Our Airbnb clone script now has a great UI that matches the look of the current Airbnb website. So, now you can create a website that appears similar to Airbnb, and everyone can fully comprehend how to list properties, book them, and use other features seamlessly.

major ui update

Login/Signup Popup Added

The Login Popup feature is mainly added to focus on making available your customers a simple, technologically advanced, and quick way to log in or create a new account on your vacation rental website.

login signup popup

Search Page Improved

In this Airbnb Clone, New Features Update the search and filter for both website and mobile view that have been enhanced with the show map on/off option. It helps your users to search for the vacation rental properties in a specific location and also can find the exact location.

show map on
show map mobile view

Properties Gallery Carousel Added

The Gallery Carousel Feature lets the users view more than an image of the property easily. Also, The guests are more likely to engage with your content when you are using a carousel.

property gallery carousel

Message System Improved

The entire UI/UX Layout for the messaging has been changed to a pleasant look.

message system improved conversation

The Message counter feature was added to notify the users of the count of the messages which they received in their inbox.

message system improved conversation message count

In Addition, a send message button is added in every property to instantly send messages to the guests.

send message button

Message System Mobile View

message system mobile view down
message system mobile view up

Add Listing Page Improved

While compared with the last version we improved great User Interface Design. In this version, the host can list their property with step by step process.

add listing page improved

Property Detail Page Enhanced

The UI for the Products Detail Page has changed and the smooth scroll to a specific section on click is added for the users to easily navigate between different sections on the product detail page.

property listing page enhanced

Listes Of Features Improved On Admin Panel

Admin UI Changed

In the Airbnb Clone Script New Updated Version 4.0, the complete admin panel UI layout has been changed. This new update comes with changes like skin changes, also includes a new feature and enhanced existing features.

admin panel ui updated

Manage Admin

In the Admin roles and responsibilities page, the admin can assign specific roles to the users and can give them some access like adding customers, editing customers and etc.

admin panel role and permissions
admin panel role and permissions add role

Manage Listing

In the managed listing page, the booking properties can be managed by the admin. In this update the filter option is included so that the data can be filtered based on date range, status, and space type.

admin panel manage listing

Mobile View with quick links

You can view and use our Airbnb clone website with excellent responsive design. Also, it shows the quick links to access the menus effortlessly. The new update lets the user experience mobile usage. Also, it helps to get more mobile search traffic for your business website.

mobile view quick links
mobile view back button


The Airbnb Clone New Features Updated Version 4.0 was created to bring a great user experience for both guests and hosts. I hope that these updates will be beneficial to all Buy2Rental script buyers.


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